We are an all dog breed grooming spa!
We are currently booking out about a month out right now for haircut and bath appointments. We are able to do quick nail trims and face/feet/fanny same day, or at least within a couple days for new and existing clients.
Unfortunately we are not accepting new clients for baths/haircuts until January 2021.
If you would like to set up an appointment, the best way to reach us is to call 607-533-9700 email LansingGroomingSpa@gmail.com
I am also urging everyone to consider rebooking when you come in or shortly after, as I am not sure how booked out we will be in future.

We offer color for clients! Either temporary like chalk, or more permanent semi-permanent dog safe, non toxic dyes.
If you are interested in color, please discuss this before your appointment. Color usually takes extra prep work, and complicated coloring may take more than one appointment.
Ears in semi permanent dye
Larger areas colored and detailed design in semi permanent dye
Temporary chalk

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