We are currently booking out about 3 months for haircut and bath appointments and are requiring all clients to prebook and maintain a schedule of 3 months or less. We are not currently able to provide appointments for new clients or those who have not had a bath or haircut appointment within the last 3 months.
We are able to do quick nail trims and face/feet/fanny same day, or at least within a couple days for new and existing clients with proof of rabies vaccine.
If you would like to reach us, call 607-533-9700 or email LansingGroomingSpa@gmail.com

We have put a hold on adding to our wait list. We already have an extensive wait list and have not been able to take anyone from it as of yet.

Our cancellation policy is 25% of the price of the bath or haircut appointment if we are not notified at least 3 hours before the appointment, during business hours.

Starting January 1st we will be instating a late arrival fee of $1 per minute after our 5 minute grace period.
This fee will be halved to $0.50 if you call before your scheduled appointment time. This is based on the time you walk in the front door or call for curbside.
Early drop offs are always accepted during business hours, please notify us if you will be dropping off more than 20 minutes early.
There are no fees for pick up.

We offer color for clients! Either temporary like chalk, or more permanent semi-permanent dog safe, non toxic dyes.
If you are interested in color, please discuss this before your appointment. Color usually takes extra prep work, and complicated coloring may take more than one appointment.
Ears in semi permanent dye
Larger areas colored and detailed design in semi permanent dye
Temporary chalk

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